Safari Trip to Tanzania

A safari trip to Tanzania’s champagne-colored plains is often high on the wish list of the adventurous globetrotters. It is not without reason that the tropical plains have become a popular destination in Tanzania. Here the animal kingdom is allowed to unfold as nature has decided it and the plant population is different from what we know.

The culture of the native Masai is characteristic and distinctive. Nevertheless, on your safari trip to Tanzania you will experience a welcome reception by the tribal people. Their world is an adventure that everyone should carry in their backpack. There is no doubt at all that a safari trip will change your perception of what the recipe for the perfect trip is.

A safari trip to Tanzania holds an almost infinite number of experiences. With its impressive 16 national parks and over 400 species (as well as subspecies), Tanzania has an incomparable, amazing wildlife that should be experienced up close. Regardless of textual abilities, phenomenal images and alluring videos, the feeling of seeing the majestic animals in their natural surroundings cannot be described – it must be experienced!

At Tourist Travel, we have been fascinated by Tanzania and the country’s safari opportunities since 2003. We therefore know where and how the animals are to be experienced, so that the optimal safari experience is ensured.

Tailor-made safari trips in Tanzania

Proper planning is the alpha omega if you want the full benefits of a trip to Tanzania . Our day programs are carefully planned (and regularly updated) to give you the absolute best out of your safari trip. We have daily departures so you can take a holiday for exactly the period you want it.

Should you wish, you can of course also customize the trip together with our knowledgeable Tanzania experts. Whether you want more days, fewer days, exchanged experiences or something completely different, we advise you and plan it all so that your focus can be on enjoying the fantastic safari experience that Tanzania will undoubtedly give you.

Experiences on safari trips in Tanzania

The Big Five

You may have heard the phrase “ The Big Five ” before. The term originates from large game hunting in Africa and is a term for the five African animals that are the most difficult and dangerous to kill. In the past, The Big Five was a symbol of victory among the snipers.

The Big Five consists of the lion , the leopard , the African elephant , the black rhino and the coffee buffalo . All the animals with the exception of the coffee buffalo are today endangered animal species. Therefore, the phenomenon today is just an attraction among tourists on safari in Tanzania.

The Little Five

When you are on safari in Tanzania, it is not only the big, strong animals that deserve your attention. There is life on the savannah at all heights and to remind tourists of this, The Little Five has been created in response to The Big Five.

Here the animals are not chosen on the basis of strength, but rather on the basis of their name, which leans immensely on the most dangerous animals of the savannah. Under this phenomenon you will find the elephant spider mouse, the rhinoceros beetle, the buffalo weaver, the ant lion and the leopard turtle.

Gnu hiking

You may have heard of the ecosystem of the African savannah. This is a well-known description of the wildebeest hike that you will be able to experience on your safari trip to Tanzania. In a herd of millions, wildebeest move with zebras and gazelles across the African plains. Together, they cross national borders between Kenya and Tanzania. It is a matter of being where the grass is greenest and the season provides the best living standards.

The wildebeest hike is a great experience and a unique addition to your safari trip. Unfortunately, the migration becomes smaller and smaller over the years, as the animals’ ecosystem is threatened by hunters and barricades in the form of fences, roads and settlements.

Combinations for safaris in Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Trekking – Climb the African tag

According to neovideogames, Kilimanjaro is located in the northeastern part of Tanzania – right on the border with Kenya. Kilimanjaro is, despite its height of 5,895 meters, a trek that does not require you to have a heavy mountain experience in the backpack. However, it requires a good basic form and (not least) the right planning. At Tourist Travel, we always prioritize seven days on the mountain (preferably eight), as it provides the absolute best acclimatization – which increases the chance of reaching the top significantly – and a much more beautiful trek.

We have a great range of optimized routes to Kilimanjaro – and you will always be guided by one of our very experienced tour guides.

Zanzibar – Paradise beaches and fascinating history

If we move a few thousand swims out of Tanzania’s coastline, we find Zanzibar. A small tropical paradise that provides a wonderful opportunity for relaxation after some eventful days on the savannah (and maybe even on the mountain?). On Zanzibar, there are white sandy beaches ad libitum and azure sea as far as the eye can see.

However, Zanzibar also has a breathtaking history that stands in stark contrast to the paradise. In the westernmost part of Zanzibar we find Stone Town, which up through the 18th century was the largest trading place for slaves in East Africa. Today, Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is without a doubt worth a visit.

Hot air balloon over the savannah

If you want an extra dimension to your safari trip to Tanzania, you should consider a hot air balloon safari. When you hover slowly over the almost endless savannas, it gives some amazing views. Imagine how the whole magnificent and wildlife unfolds under your feet.

We gladly admit that ballooning in Tanzania is an expensive pleasure, but it is so definitely worth the money. Again, we have ended up in a place where words, pictures and even videos seem poor when you compare it to standing and looking at the landscapes from the hot air balloon with your own eyes.

Hot air balloon over the savannah

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