Samana Travel Guide

At the same time you can spend a beach holiday close to nature. White sandy paradise beaches, Caribbean sun and mountain scenery – all this can be found on the Samana Peninsula. Here, the tourist can dip their toes in the sand, acquire new skills on a diving course or spend their days, for example, bonga whales. The tropical climate of the Dominican Republic offers comfortable tourist weather for the winter months.



A peaceful beach oasis

Bordered by white sandy beaches, Samana is located in the northeastern part of the Dominican Republic on the Samana Peninsula. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the resort is located approximately 180 kilometers from the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, and approximately 200 kilometers from another well-known beach resort in the country, Puerto Plata.

Samana is one of the most popular and ever-growing holiday destinations in the Dominican Republic, and the peaceful holiday destination is especially known for its nature and diving waters. The area is a great destination for a beach lion dreaming of a sunny winter holiday, as the peninsula is surrounded by hundreds of fine sandy beaches and there is no shortage of recreational opportunities.

Popular beach and holiday destinations include the town of Samana, the center of the area, and the villages of Las Terrenas and Las Galeras.

A warm destination for a winter holiday

In the same tropical atmosphere, there is enough heat all year round, as the average daily temperature stays at or above 25 degrees regardless of the season.

The most popular travel times are the rainiest months from December to April, making the destination especially popular with winter vacationers. Rainfall will occur especially between June and November, when the Dominican Republic may also hit the hurricane route.

Diving trips and beach holidays

Palm-lined, long and white sandy beach is the hallmark of Samana. On the Samana Peninsula you will find good sandy beaches, both next to the city and hotel areas, and a little further afield. Popular beaches include Playa Bonita, Playa Rincon and Playa Gozon.

Friends of water sports will also enjoy Samana. There are good opportunities for diving and snorkeling in the clear waters of the Caribbean. For example, hotels and tour operators offer holidaymakers opportunities for diving trips and courses.

Mountains and whales

In addition to the beaches, Samana is known for its beautiful nature. For many holidaymakers, getting around in the tropical greenery is the highlight of the trip and various excursions are offered in a comfortable amount. The wonders of nature open up, for example, on a jeep safari to the mountainous scenery and the popular nature park of Los Haitises.

While there is plenty to see on dry land, there are also interesting sights to see from the sea: whales can be spotted off Samana in January-March as they spend a long honeymoon.



There is a choice at airports

The easiest way to travel to the Dominican Republic is by package. Holiday trips Samanaan organizes, for example, Aurinkomatkat in Finland.

Self-employed travelers can fly on the spot, for example, through the United States. Flights to the sandy beaches cost around 1000-2500 euros.

The nearest airport is Samaná El Catey International Airport, but many tourists also arrive via either Santo Domingo or Puerto Plata Airport.

Easy holidays at All Inclusive hotels

Samana offers multi-level accommodation and dozens of hotels and B & Bs. Many of the hotels are located in the villages of Las Terranas or Las Galeras, for example, as well as in the town of Samana.

On the sandy beaches you will find, for example, the popular All Inclusive hotels, which are suitable for an easy holiday. There is also some cheaper accommodation for those on a budget.

Preferably mobilized with guagua

At the same time, you can travel, for example, by taxi or local vehicle in Guagua. Getting to Guagua is affordable and trips cost less than a euro to a couple of euros. Taxis are more expensive.

Car or motorbike rental at the property is not recommended. The traffic culture is very different from Finland and the road network is in very poor condition in some places.



The city of Samana

Samana, more officially known as Santa Barbara de Samana, is the capital and central tourist area of ​​its region. The destination is especially popular with tourists ponging whales, and many of the ships cruising in the Caribbean also call at the port of Samana.

Las Terrenas

The village of Las Terrenas is a popular holiday destination with many hotels nearby. The area offers comfortable tourist services and good sandy beaches.

Las Galeras

Las Galeras is a popular holiday destination with one of the most stunning sandy beaches in the Samana area: Playa Rincon.

Cayo Levantado

The beautiful island of Cayo Levantado is a popular excursion destination from the city of Samana. You can also stay on a paradise-like island.

The nature of samana

The same tropical and mountainous environment is worth seeing. Excursions to the area are organized a lot and the scenery can be explored, for example, by jeep or horse riding. Los Haitises Natural Park is also a popular destination.

Excursions can be found from both Finnish tour operators and local tour operators.



The best pieces of Samana

  1. Lounging on the beach
  2. Diving
  3. Whale bonga in January-March
  4. Boat trip to Cayo Levantado Island
  5. Jeep ride in the mountains

Cons of the same

  1. Hurricane season in summer
  2. Little shopping
  3. Tap water cannot be drunk

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