Spring Essentials #4 – the 10 Most Beautiful Blouses & Shirts!

Our spring essentials go to the next round! Blouses and shirts are among the things that are most lacking in my closet. Because T-Shirts are cheaper and much warmer, fall sweaters it me that hard for this “in-between” to spend money. Utter nonsense, because hardly a different piece of cloth is so becoming, multifunctional and durable.

The gap must be filled soon so finally, just I can’t decide with the best will. Up there you can see so ten Favorites, with which I heavily liebaugle. The soul country shirt with Babar the elephant pressure was quite long on the top of my “on it-saving list”, but in the meantime, the nostalgic shirt gets competition from the tropical-print from the House of Prakash and carving Paris-map blouse. Help. What do you do?
For eich selected: patchwork in its most beautiful form of Lee, the Isabel Marant esque Cowgirl look from Maison Scotch or the stripe classic by J.W. Anderson. Slain in the light of the ways that probably best sums it.
1 Garce blouse by Lala Berlin, 249 €.
2. hovers square-print shirt: Urban Outfitters, 46 €.
3. striped shirt: J.W.. Anderson for Topshop, €65.
4. Paris map blouse by carving, €244.
5. tropical-print blouse by Ganni, €116.
6 Camo shirts by Carhartt, 64, 96 €.
7 Western blouse from Maison Scotch, €130.
8 animal print blouse by wood wood, €190.
9 Patchwork denim shirt by Lee, 129, 95 €.
10 soul country x Babar the elephant, from mid-April in the Voo store, Soto and forest Berlin (approx. €170)