State Route 789 and 89 in Wyoming

State Route 789 in Wyoming

SH 789
Get started baggs
End Frannie
Length 404 mi
Length 650 km











Lovell (alto)





According to existingcountries, State Route 789, also known as WYO 789 is a state route in the U.S. state of Wyoming. The road forms the longest state highway in the state, from the Colorado border at Baggs to the Montana border at Frannie, via Rawlins, Riverton, Worland and Greybull. However, WYO 789 is double-numbered for most of its route with other US Highways and Interstate 80. The total length of WYO 789 is 650 kilometers.

Travel directions

WYO 789 double numbered with US 26.

WYO 789 begins on the Colorado state border, from where Colorado State Route 13 heads south to Craig. The road passes through the village of Baggs and then heads north through a barren valley to the junction with Interstate 80, 80 kilometers north. This is also the longest part of WYO 789 that is not double-numbered with other numbers.

From its junction with I-80, WYO 789 jumps 40 kilometers east to Rawlins. Through Rawlins, WYO 789 forms a separate route, separate from other tracks. The road leads through the center of this regional town. After that, an approximately 180 kilometer long double numbering starts with US 287 as far as Lander. The road leads through lonely territory in a northwesterly direction, over a barren plateau interrupted halfway by small mountain ranges. The places on the route are nothing more than hamlets.

From Lander, WYO 789 heads northeast through an area of ​​some agriculture with circular irrigation. Here flow some small rivers that provide irrigation. As a result, there are also more villages in this area. Between Riverton and Shoshoni, the road is approximately 50 miles with US 26 double-numbered. From Shoshoni, WYO 789 heads north on US 20, past Boysen Reservoir.

The area gets more mountainous north of Shoshoni and US 20/WYO 789 leads through a deep canyon. Then you reach the town of Thermopolis. The road follows the river north to Worland, where it begins triple-numbering with US 16. The road continues to follow the farming valley of the Bighorn River north to Greybull, where it also crosses US 14. Just after Greybull, WYO 789 leaves the route of US 14/16/20 and continues on US 310, heading northwest, first through desert, then again through irrigated river valleys with a few villages. In Lovell you cross the US 14 Alternate. After Frannie, the border with the state of Wyoming follows, after which the US 310 in Wyomingcontinues to Billings.


According to anycountyprivateschools, WYO 789 was part of proposed US 789, which would run from the Mexico border in Nogales, Arizona, to the Canada border in Sweetgrass, Montana. WYO 789 was numbered as such in 1954 in anticipation of the later US 789. However, the number US 789 was not assigned by the AASHTO because the number would run over many existing US Highways, and thus of little use for through traffic. WYO 789 suffered the same fate, which, for the most part, is double-numbered with other US Highways.

The separately running parts of WYO 789 that are not double-numbered;

  • Colorado border – I-80
  • by Rawlins
  • Lander – Riverton

The portion that is double-numbered with Interstate 80 between Exit 187 and Exit 211 is the only case in Wyoming where a state highway is double-numbered with an Interstate Highway.

Traffic intensities

1,500 vehicles run daily between Baggs and I-80, up to 9,200 vehicles in downtown Rawlins and 2,600 to 6,300 vehicles between Lander and Riverton. WYO 789’s busiest point is in Riverton with 16,000 vehicles per day.

State Route 89 in Wyoming

SH 89
Get started Evanston
End Geneva
Length 56 mi
Length 90 km

Bear River




State Route 89, also known as WYO 89 is a state route in the U.S. state of Wyoming. The road forms an interrupted north-south route in the far west of the state and runs from Evanston to near Geneva, Idaho. WYO 89 is 90 kilometers long.

Travel directions

WYO 89 begins in the town of Evanston at a junction with Interstate 80, and is an extension of WYO 150. Evanston is actually the only place on the route and is not far from the Utah state border. WYO 89 heads north through a valley before reaching the Utah state border after about 12 miles. Utah State Route 16 then continues north through Randolph.

About 25 miles north, WYO 89 begins again at the Utah border, continuing on Utah State Route 30 exiting Logan. This stretch of WYO 89 is only 7 kilometers long and ends at an intersection with US 30. There are no places on this part of the route.

The third section begins 50 miles north at an intersection with US 30 and runs just a few hundred yards parallel to the Idaho state border . To the east is a mountain ridge. The road then runs right over the border with Idaho for 5 miles, after which State Route 16 in Idaho continues to the hamlet of Geneva on US 89 in Idaho.


The road was numbered WYO 65 from 1924. When the US Highways were introduced in 1926, the northern section was renumbered WYO 89 in anticipation of an extension of US 89 in northern Wyoming. In 1936, US 89 was actually extended into Wyoming, after which WYO 89 was renumbered WYO 91 to avoid confusion between the two numbers. The southern part was still numbered WYO 65. Several years later, US 89 was rerouted in Wyoming, after which WYO 89 was reintroduced over the former WYO 65 and WYO 91.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 15,000 vehicles connect with I-80 in Evanston and 3,900 vehicles north of Evanston to the Utah border. The middle section has only 900 vehicles per day and the northernmost section has only 700 vehicles per day.

State Route 89 in Wyoming

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