Stockholm Attractions and Tourist

Attractions in Stockholm

If you visit Stockholm, you will actually visit a metropolis, with all that entails culture and attractions. You should be very particular about not finding something that suits your travel companion when you are a tourist in Stockholm. There is no spouse in Sweden!

Skansen is actually the world’s oldest open-air museum. Here you will find, among other things, a miniature exhibition of all of Sweden. Skansen is located at Djurgården.

Gröna Lund
At Djurgården is the amusement park Gröna Lund. The park has long traditions. Here are great opportunities to have fun for kids of all ages.

The Globe
The Globe is a solid sports hall that regularly has major sports and cultural events. The globe is known for its characteristic shape (shaped like a globe). The globe is south of Södermalm.

Moderne Museet
This museum in Stockholm (see photo from Moderne museet first in the article) has one of Europe’s best collections of 20th century art. You can find the museum at Skeppsholmen.

The Great Church
In the Old Town you will find the Cathedral in Stockholm. The address is Trångsund 1. The church is mentioned in scrolls as early as in the year 1279. It has many unique objects.

Junibacken and Astrid Lindgren’s world
Here you can meet Karlsson on the roof, Pippi, Emil and many more of Astrid Lindgren’s famous and beloved characters. In addition, there are performances every day. The address of Junibacken and Astrid Lindgren’s world is the Galärparken at Djurgården, not far from the Vasa Museum.

Vasa Museum
At Djurgården you will find the world famous ship Vasa, which sank on its maiden voyage in 1628. The ship has been restored. In the museum you get full information about the whole story. This is an impressive museum that captures both children and adults. The address is Galärvarvsvägen 14.

The National Museum
The museum has a lot of good art from both Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. The address is Södra Blasiensholmen (Östermalm near Kungsträdgården). Here you will find wonderful paintings and sculptures by famous Swedish artists. Remember to bring the Swedish greats Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson during your visit. In addition, you will find works by international masters such as Boucher, Degas, Gauguin, Rembrandt, Renoir and Rubens.

Museum In 2005, the Army Museum received the award as the best museum in Stockholm. The themes are war, weapons and soldier life. You can find the museum in Riddargatan 13 on Östermalm. It is open every day except Mondays. Opening hours are usually at. 1100-1600.

Kulturhuset is located in City (Sergels Torg). It is an exciting place where you can find galleries and attend performances. There are also cafes and restaurants there. Here is also lots of information about what is happening in Stockholm and the surrounding areas. Opening hours at 1000-1700 / 1900.

The Royal Dramatic Theater, or Dramaten as it is called colloquially, is Sweden’s national stage. The theater was established in 1788. The Art Nouveau building dates from 1908. The theater is located in Östermalm, near Nybroplan, ie where Strandvägen, Birger Jarlsgatan and Hamngatan meet.

Sergels Torg
This square is known for its black and white pattern. The square has been named after the sculptor Johan Tobias Sergel. Locally, the square is just called Plattan. Here you will find a glass obelisk designed by unknown Piet Hein.

Kungsträdgården is one of Stockholm’s oldest parks and is a nice breathing hole in a busy area of ​​the city. The park has statues of King Charles XII and Charles XIII. You will also find fountains and other art here.

Stortorget in Gamla Stan
In the middle of Stortorget in Gamla Stan you will find a well that was previously the zero point in Sweden, From here all distances in the kingdom were measured. In our time, Gustav Adolfs torg is the center of Stockholm. At Stortorget there have been many bloody battles through the ages. Look closely at the house walls around the square and you will find a cannonball that is still stuck in one of the walls.

The Nobel Museum
At the Stock Exchange in Old Town you will find the Nobel Museum. Here you can learn about Alfred Nobel’s thoughts and works. Here is also a museum shop and restaurant / cafe.

Casino Cosmopol
If you are over 20, you can go to Stockholm’s only international casino. There is the opportunity for exciting games, and you can eat, drink and watch entertainment. At 31 tables, among other things, American Roulette, Black Jack, Caribean Stud, Punto Banco, Big Wheel, Sic Bo and poker. In addition, there are 300 slot machines. Casino Cosmopol is open every day of the year at. The address is Kungsgatan in Norrmalm.

The Royal Palace
The Royal Palace in Stockholm is located in Gamla Stan. The castle is huge with more than 600 rooms. It is built in Baroque style, and from the roof there are (supposedly) views of the whole of Stockholm. The castle, as it stands now, was completed in 1754. The castle shows Sweden as it appeared at the time of the Great Power.

The Blue Tower / Strindberg Museum
The Blue Tower is the only remaining of August Strindberg’s 24 residences in Stockholm. Strindberg lived here between 1908 and 1912. There are guided tours and various activities here.
The address is Drottninggatan 85 in Norrmalm. The Strindberg Museum is open Tuesdays to Sundays at. 1000-1400.

Tourist in Stockholm

There is a lot that should be explored in Stockholm, and you should try to combine the trendy, old and rural during your Stockholm visit.

Day 1 in Stockholm

Stockholm Attractions 2

The first day is spent on rural and old Stockholm. Start the day at Riddarholmen and Birger Jarl’s square. Birger Jarl is the founder of Stockholm, and there is a statue of him in the square.

Then go to Riddarholm Church (listed at the end of the 13th century). Then move to the Riddarhuset. To get there you go towards the Riddarholmsbroen. The first house you see when you are in Gamla Stan is the Riddarhuset. The house is still owned by the nobility and has been the meeting place of the nobility ever since it was built in the 18th century.

The Royal Palace in Stockholm

Old Town is dominated by the king’s castle, and it’s no wonder. The castle is impressively large and majestic and built in Baroque style. It has more than 600 rooms. Artists from many countries have helped to decorate it. Then go to Slottsbacken and you will find the Tessinska Palace. The name comes from the Swedish architect Tessin, who in 1697 built this house for himself, while building the castle.

Storkyrkan (Cathedral) and Stortorget
Next stop is Storkyrkan. The church, which was officially inaugurated in 1306, is known for its statue of St. George. Stortorget is the center of Gamla Stan. It has a bloody history. Among other things, 80 nobles were killed here in the early 16th century.

Stortorget is a great starting point for free walking in the Old Town. From here there are several small streets with many shops and cozy restaurants and cafes. Have lunch in Gamla Stan and visit a pastry shop or bar serving cheesecake. They are great!

After lunch, there are two experiences you should bring: KA Almgrens Silkveveri and Vasa Museum.

At KA Almgrens Silk Weaver (you can experience the silk history in Stockholm and at the same time look at production. This is the only remaining silk weaving in Northern Europe, and Almgrens has produced silk for mansions all over the world. The address is Repslagargatan 15A.

Then travel to Djurgården and visit the Vasa Museum. It is a wonderful experience to go by the original Vasa boat and watch the movie about the boat’s history. The address is Galärvarvsvägen 14.

After visiting the museum, we suggest you walk around Djurgården.

Day 2 in Stockholm

Stockholm Attractions

This day you should experience the trendy part of Stockholm in terms of shopping, fashion, folk and attractions. Start the day with a walk to Sergels Torg. Sergels Torg is a gathering place where you will find the famous shopping center Åhléns. Also the famous Kulturhuset (read more about this under the section Attractions in Stockholm) can be found here. Both are worth a visit. Stop walking up Drottninggatan until you reach the PUB, perhaps the best shopping center in Stockholm. In Drottninggatan 85 you will find the apartment where August Strindberg lived in the period 1908-1912. In public, this is called the Blue Tower.

From here the trip goes to Stureplan (both Kungsgatan, Birger Jarlsgatan and Sturegatan lead here), where there are lots of shops, cafes and a bustling public life.

From Stureplan you go south to the Dramaten or the Royal Drammatiska Teatern, which is the real name. The playhouse is set in a landmark building. You have now come to Östermalm. This area is expensive and exclusive. Walk Hamngatan to NK, another of Stockholm’s very popular shopping centers. By the way, Hamngatan is the largest H&M store. Well worth a visit it too. Relax in the Kungsträdgården and gather some energy for more shopping and city walking.

National Museum in Stockholm
End this session with a museum visit. Not far from Kungsträdgården you will find the National Museum. It is located in the street Södra Blasiensholmen. Just follow Blasiensholmgatan from Kungsträdgården to the museum.

We suggest you spend the afternoon at Söder (Södermalm). Citizens Square is a good starting point. Take the subway or taxi. From Medborgarplatsen you can walk Folkungagatan. It is a cozy street with many shops. If you follow it all the way, you will reach Fåfängan, which is a great place to relax.

End Stockholm Day at one of the many stylish restaurants the city has to offer. Not many cities have so many good options to choose from. We give you more tips in the Eat in Stockholm section.

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