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Attractions in Szczecin

As in many other cities in Europe, the main attraction in Szczecin is to stroll around the city center and look at the public life. The old town of Szczecin is an attraction in itself. Although the old town is nothing but a “Brand New Old Town” since the restoration largely happened in the 1990s. But many of the houses were fortunately rebuilt like the originals, and you still get the feeling of really being in a Hanseatic city.

Szczecin has great scenery in the immediate vicinity and there are also nice parks in the city. Park Kasprowicza, located a short distance northwest on the “left” bank of Oder, is the park where the town’s residents like to trim. Another popular park is the Stefana Żeromskiego Park right in the center of Szczecin, just off the Galaxy shopping center.

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Main landmarks and attractions in Szczecin

Pomeranian Dukes Castle

The dukes of Pomeranian Castle (Pomeranian Dukes Castle or Zamek Książąt Pomorskich in Polish) are the very heart of Szczecin’s attractions. Here you will find tourist office, restaurants and cafes as well as museum, gallery and opera. Originally, the castle belonged as the name implies to an old family dynasty in Pomerania. The castle was destroyed during World War II but was later restored, though not completely rebuilt as the original. The address is Korsarzy, just off the river on the west side.

Technological Museum in Szczecin

If you are interested in everything that has an engine, be it cars, buses or motorcycles, then the Technological Museum is the place to visit. The address is Niemierzyńska 18A.

Cmentarz Centralny

A cemetery might not be what you expect to see on a list of attractions and sights? But Cmentarz Centralny is Europe’s third largest burial ground and something special happens with body and soul when you walk around here. You will find Cmentarz Centralny at ul Ku Sloncu 125a, about 3.5 km southwest of the Old Town. Feel free to take a taxi!

St. Jacob’s Cathedral (Cathedral of Jakuba)

St. Jacob’s Cathedral is a large Gothic Basilica located in Szczecin. This basilica is a model of a church from 1187. Like most other Szczecin, the church was destroyed at the end of World War II (1944). The build-up happened in the 1970s. In 2008, the church received a new spire which includes an observation deck for spectators.

Rozanka Garden

The Rose Garden (Rozanka Garden) in Szczecin was first organized in 1928, and resumed in 2007. Here you can wander among hundreds of different varieties of roses and a variety of monuments, not least the sculpture with the three flying geese arouses admiration. The three geese symbolize three generations of Poles, the pre-war generation, those who rebuilt Poland and the modern generation. Rozanka Garden is located 3.5 kilometers northwest of Szczecin Railway Station, “behind” Park Kasprowicza.

Szczecin Attractions

Harbor Gate

This baroque entrance portal testifies to the city’s fortifications of the past. Originally erected in the early 18th century. The portal was once called the Berlin Portal from the time the city was called the “gateway to Berlin “. In Polish it is called Brawa Portowa. You will find it at the Brawa Portowa square about 1 kilometer west of the river and the Old Town start.

The city gate to Szczecin can be found at the square Holdu Pruskiego and today it is called the Royal Gate. It may look somewhat out of place on a modern busy street. “Inside” in the portal you can relax at Brama Jazz Cafe.

Monument of the Three Eagles

“The three eagles monument” is a large and famous monument representing three generations of the Polish people. These are the people before World War II, to those who rebuilt the city and the modern generation of Poles. This magnificent monument reminds us all of what Poland has gone through.

The monument is located at Park Kasprowicza.

Monoument by Jan Czekanowski

A rather special attraction is the monument of Jan Czekanowski, which you will find at General Władysław Square in Szczecin. [See image first in article]. Jan Czekanowski saved a number of Polish-Lithuanian “Crimean-Karaites” from the Holocaust in World War II. The monument is touching differently than the magnificent one you would otherwise encounter when it comes to monuments. Jan Czekanowski is also buried in Warsaw (Warsaw Powązki Cemetery).

Tourist in Szczecin

Getting good days in Szczecin is easy. There are large shopping centers such as. Galaxy, and the city has great parks where both residents and visitors enjoy hot spring and summer days. The parks are popular with joggers and are used for all kinds of sporting activities.

For an overview and view of Szczecin, we suggest you have a coffee in the Pazim building (Cafe 22 on the 22nd floor). The address is Pl. Rodła 8 just off the Galaxy shopping center. Or you can go up into the towers of the Pomeranian Dukes Castle or visit the Gothic St. Jacobs Cathedral.

Just off Teatr Pleciuga (ul. Wielkopolska) is the small but cozy “dancing fountain” which at 2130 (in the summer) has a free half-hour “performance” that tourists must bring.

Water is (and always has been) important to Szczecin. Located close to the Baltic Sea and the river Oder which divides the city in two (Odra) as well as the large Dabies lake just to the east is easy to understand. A number of tour operators offer boat trips from Szczecin, and there is no bad tip to take to the riverbank at Waly Chrobrego (between Stefana Zeromskiego Park and the River Oder).

If you are of the active type then a kayak sightseeing is your luck. You can rent a kayak from Kąpielisko Dziewoklicz (ul. Autostrada Poznańska).

Tourist offices in Szczecin

Center for Cultural and Tourist Information, 34 Korsarzy Street, ie at Pomeranian dukes’ castle, phone +48 91 4891630,

Center for Tourist Information, 1a Niepodległości Avenue, phone +48 91 4340440,

Szczecin can tempt with a tourist card that contains both bus and tram tickets, as well as discounted rates at a number of attractions. You buy the tourist card at the tourist information scattered around Szczecin, or the tourist offices above.

Red sighseeing in Szczecin

Most tourists in Szczecin choose to follow the city’s marked tourist route. This is a 7 kilometer long “trail” that takes you past 42 sights. On the sidewalks and streets you simply follow a red line, and each landmark is marked with a red circle with a number. Near each number you will find an information board that tells you a little about the point of interest. You can also buy a detailed guide at the tourist information offices. The sightseeing starts outside the Szczecin train station.

Taxi in Szczecin

Taxi in Szczecin is not necessarily simple. Taxis are really cheap, but there are several taxi companies to choose from, some of which are simply not safe to use. Be careful of taxis that “hang” around the train station and outside popular nightclubs and pubs. Taking one of these taxis can get you a pretty expensive bill.

In general, we can say that you should bring cash for payment and check in advance that there is a tachometer in the car. Feel free to talk to your hotel for advice on taxi companies and a phone number you can call to book.

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