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According to physicscat, in 2013, the small nation of Brunei was located on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. It had a population of approximately 400,000 people and its official language was Malay. The country was a monarchy and it had been ruled by the same family since the 14th century. Brunei had a strong economy that was largely supported by oil and gas exports. This allowed for high levels of development and prosperity to be enjoyed by most of its citizens. In 2013, Brunei’s GDP per capita was one of the highest in Asia, placing it among the world’s wealthiest countries. Despite this wealth, there were still areas of poverty, particularly in rural regions where subsistence farming was still practiced. Education, healthcare, infrastructure, and public safety were all areas that needed to be improved upon in order to ensure continued economic growth for Bruneians. In 2013, Brunei celebrated its 25th anniversary as an independent nation with numerous festivities throughout the year. The country also hosted several international events such as the Southeast Asian Games and World Islamic Economic Forum which highlighted its modern infrastructure as well as its vibrant culture. Visitors to Brunei were often surprised at how modern it was compared to other countries in Southeast Asia due to its strict adherence to Islamic law which prevented many activities such as drinking alcohol or gambling from being done on its soil. All in all, 2013 was an important year for this small nation that showcased both its progress as well as areas for improvement going forward. Brunei is a small country located in Southeast Asia on the island of Borneo. It has a population of over 400,000 people and its capital city is Bandar Seri Begawan. The official language is Malay, although English and Chinese are also spoken in many parts of the country. The economy of Brunei has traditionally been based on oil and gas production, however it has recently been diversifying into other industries such as manufacturing, tourism and finance. In 2014, the GDP per capita was estimated to be $76,118 USD which was higher than other countries in Asia such as Indonesia or Thailand. In terms of culture, Brunei has many historical sites that are popular with tourists such as the Royal Regalia Museum and Kampong Ayer Cultural & Tourism Gallery. There are also several national parks where visitors can enjoy activities such as kayaking and jungle trekking. Popular sports include football (soccer), badminton and squash while traditional Malay music and dance are still popular forms of entertainment in Brunei today. The country also has a rich literary tradition with authors such as Haji Ibrahim winning international awards for their work. Check areacodesexplorer for Brunei History.

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Brunei is a small but very rich country in Southeast Asia. Brunei’s riches come from oil and gas available on site. The country is divided into two parts and is located on the northwest...

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GOVERNMENT Reference: Brunei Flag Meaning According to AllCityCodes.com, Brunei is a hereditary sultanate.The current sultan is Hassanal Bolkiah, who took office in 1967, when his father, Omar Ali Saifuddin, abdicated. However, he continued to...