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Check aristmarketing for Italy in 1997.

Italy Legislature of the Parliament

Italy Legislature of the Parliament from 15 March 1939

Senate: president (from 15 March 1939) Suardo Giacomo; (from July 1943) Thaon de Revel Paolo senior; Chamber: president (from 30 November 1939) Grandi Dino. In July 1944 the Bonomi cabinet invited VE Orlando and...

Italy and Denmark Reviews 2020

Italy and Denmark Reviews 2020

Italy 2020 October Stricter rules after increased spread of infection October 7 Requirements for outdoor mouth protection are being introduced throughout the country and the government is extending the state of emergency introduced due...

Italy Head of Government

Italy Government and Politics

State and politics Reference: Italy Flag Meaning Italy has been a republic since 1946 and a parliamentary democracy. The 1948 Constitution contains a comprehensive declaration of rights in which citizens are guaranteed the right...

Venice, Italy

Lake Garda and Venice, Italy

Lake Garda in Italy One of the most impressive landmarks in Italy is for sure the world famous oneGarda lake. Empress Sissi of Austria already went on vacation here. Even today, the beautiful lake...