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According to physicscat, Morocco is a North African country located on the Mediterranean Sea, with a population of over 33 million people. The official language is Arabic and the currency is the Moroccan dirham. The capital city of Morocco is Rabat which is home to many historic sites and modern shopping centers. In 2013, Morocco had a GDP per capita of US$3,637 according to World Bank estimates from that year. This made it one of the poorer countries in Africa and poverty was widespread with nearly 40% of people living below the poverty line according to recent figures from 2013. Despite its relatively small size, Morocco has seen steady economic growth over recent years due largely to its tourism industry which attracts many visitors each year due to its stunning beaches and picturesque mountain scenery. In addition to this, agriculture remains an important part of the economy with many products such as olives and citrus fruits being exported around the world each year. In terms of social development, Morocco lags behind other countries in most indicators such as life expectancy and literacy rate due to high levels of inequality throughout the country. Moreover, despite having made some progress towards gender equality over the past decade or so, women continue to face discrimination in many areas including access to education and job opportunities. Crime is another major issue for Morocco as organized crime syndicates pose an ongoing threat to security throughout much of the country. In 2014, Morocco was a North African nation located on the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. The population of Morocco was approximately 33 million people with most speaking Arabic as their official language. The capital city of Rabat was the country’s largest city and the currency used was the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). In 2014, Morocco had a diverse climate ranging from semi-arid in the interior to tropical along its coastline. Its economy relied mainly on agriculture with olives, grains and citrus fruits being some of its main exports. In addition to this, it also had an active tourism industry due to its rich culture and historical sites such as Marrakesh or Fez. The government of Morocco focused heavily on developing its infrastructure while also investing in education with most children attending school up to secondary level. However, many still did not have access to basic services such as healthcare or sanitation due to poverty and inequality. In 2014, Morocco faced some serious environmental issues such as air pollution caused by motor vehicles or deforestation which threatened its natural resources. In addition to this, water scarcity posed a threat to many parts of the country while overfishing destroyed much of its marine life for commercial use. Overall, Morocco in 2014 was a popular destination for visitors looking for an authentic experience away from modern life. With its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes and ancient cities it offered plenty of opportunities for relaxation while its diverse wildlife provided plenty of activities for nature lovers looking for something new and exciting to explore. Check businesscarriers for Morocco Economics and Business.

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Places to Visit in Morocco

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