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The coastal belt

Weather and Climate in Morocco

When to travel to Morocco? Morocco is located at the top, northwest of the continent of Africa. There are long coasts with good temperatures. If you navigate further inland, the conditions become more extreme....

The Minarets of Marrakech

Questions and Answers for Travelling to Morocco

Is it safe to travel to Morocco? Due to the current circumstances, we strongly recommend that you keep up to date with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel instructions in connection with COVID-19. You...

Places to Visit in Morocco

Places to Visit in Morocco

You must experience this in Morocco Sahara Desert On a trip to Morocco, you should not deceive yourself for an overnight stay in the barren desert landscape of the Sahara. Here the blue sky...

Sahara Desert

Travel to Morocco

Moroccan travel – 1001 night experience Morocco offers versatile holiday travel for all tastes. With the atlas mountains rising across the country, there are good opportunities for mountaineering and trekking at North Africa’s highest...

Morocco Head of Government

Morocco Government and Politics

State and politics Reference: Morocco Flag Meaning According to AllCityCodes.com, Morocco is a monarchy where the king belongs to the Alawite lineage that has ruled the country since 1666. Some democratic reforms have been...