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According to physicscat, in 2013, Romania was a country in transition, striving to become a modern European state. Romania had joined the European Union in 2007 and was working hard to meet the criteria of the EU. The economy had been growing steadily since 2009, with inflation and unemployment levels decreasing. The country had also made progress in areas such as health care and education reform. Romania’s infrastructure was also improving, with new roads being built and major airports being upgraded. At the same time, Romania’s natural beauty was becoming increasingly popular among tourists visiting from all over the world. The Black Sea coastline offered spectacular scenery and plenty of cultural attractions for visitors to explore. In addition, Romania’s ski resorts were becoming increasingly popular for winter sports enthusiasts from all over Europe. Despite some political instability during this period, Romania was making strides towards achieving its goal of becoming a modern European state. In 2014, Romania was a country located in southeastern Europe. It had an area of 92,000 square miles and a population of over 19 million people. Romania has a rich cultural history and is known for its picturesque landscapes, including the Carpathian Mountains in the north and the Black Sea coastline in the east. The official language of Romania is Romanian, but many other languages are also spoken by citizens throughout the country. The economy in 2014 was largely dependent on services and industry, as well as agriculture. Important exports included machinery and equipment, metals and metal products, chemicals, textiles, agricultural products such as grains and fruits, timber products such as furniture and paper products. Despite its growing economy since 1989 when it broke away from the Soviet Union’s control, poverty remained a major issue for many citizens throughout the nation in 2014. The government worked to improve healthcare and education services throughout the country to reduce poverty levels but progress was slow due to limited resources and infrastructure development needs. In addition to economic issues, corruption remained a major problem that hindered Romania’s development during this time period. Check businesscarriers for Romania Economics and Business.

Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (World Heritage)

Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (World Heritage)

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Romania Head of Government

Romania Government and Politics

State and politics Reference: Romania Flag Meaning According to AllCityCodes.com, Romania’s democratic constitution was adopted in 1991 and several amendments and additions were introduced in 2003 as an adaptation to the EU. The constitution...