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Russia Attractions

The Volga The Volga is one of the most important Russian traffic routes. A river trip from Kazan to Rostov-on-Don is particularly recommended, but other cities on the Volga are also served on cruises...

Russia Prehistory

Russia Prehistory

Paleolithic. – The oldest traces of man in European Russia were discovered by Boncz-Osmołowski in the cave of Kiik-Koba (Crimea), which also provided 2 skeletons of the Neanderthal type. The finds, considered by the...

Travel to Armenia

Travel to Europe

Travel to Albania Albania is one of Europe’s most exotic and exciting countries to visit! During the Cold War, the country was one of the most closed countries in the world – but that...

St. Petersburg Attractions

St. Petersburg Attractions and Tourist

St. Petersburg Attractions When you visit the various attractions, you will probably notice that you as a tourist pay a higher entry price than what the Russians do. And you will almost certainly hear...

Russia Head of Government

Russia Government and Politics

State and politics Reference: Russia Flag Meaning GOVERNMENT According to AllCityCodes.com, the Russian Federation is a federal republic. The Constitution of the Russian Federation was amended on December 12, 1993, replacing the Soviet Constitution...