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According to physicscat, South Sudan is a newly formed country located in East-Central Africa, bordered by Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. It declared its independence from Sudan in 2011 and has a population of over 12 million people. The official language is English and the currency is the South Sudanese Pound (SSP). In 2013 South Sudan was one of the poorest countries in the world with an estimated GDP of $6.86 billion USD. Its economy relied heavily on oil production as well as agricultural products such as maize, sorghum and groundnuts. Despite its strong economy, poverty levels remained high at around 80%. Additionally, inequality levels were high with the richest 10% of households controlling 57% of all wealth in 2013. In 2013 South Sudan was still dealing with ongoing civil war between government forces and rebel groups which had started shortly after independence in 2011. Additionally, there were ongoing tensions between different ethnic groups which led to frequent clashes throughout that year. Despite these challenges South Sudan continued to make progress towards peace and stability through its Comprehensive Peace Agreement which aimed to end the civil war by establishing a power-sharing agreement between rival factions. South Sudan, located in East and Central Africa, has been a country since 2011. In 2014, South Sudan was the world’s youngest nation. This newly formed country faced a number of challenges in its first few years of independence. The most pressing of these were an ongoing civil war, economic instability, and food insecurity. The civil war began in 2013 as a result of political and ethnic tensions between the two main ethnic groups, the Dinka and the Nuer. It escalated into full-scale armed conflict that lasted until 2018 when a peace agreement was reached between the two sides. During this five-year period, thousands of civilians were killed or displaced, hundreds of thousands faced food insecurity, and millions faced economic hardship due to inflation and lack of employment opportunities. To make matters worse, South Sudan was hit by consecutive floods in 2014 that destroyed homes and crops leading to further displacement and food insecurity for many families. In spite of these challenges, South Sudan is slowly making progress towards development with the help from international donors such as the United Nations (UN). The UN has provided aid to refugees from South Sudan who have fled to neighboring countries like Uganda and Kenya as well as providing support for internally displaced persons within South Sudan itself. Additionally, UN agencies have provided assistance with infrastructure development such as roads and bridges that are needed for economic growth within the country.

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State and politics The independent nation of South Sudan was proclaimed July 9, 2011. Thus, a process initiated by signing in January 2005 was completed by a peace agreement that ended 22 years of...