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According to physicscat, in 2013, Turkmenistan was a country located in Central Asia, bordering Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the Caspian Sea. It had a population of 5 million people with the majority of its population being Turkmen. The official language of the country was Turkmen and Russian was also spoken by many. The capital city of Ashgabat was a bustling metropolis with modern skyscrapers and monuments to Turkmenistan’s history. The city had plenty to offer visitors including various museums, parks and monuments such as the Monument to Neutrality which honored the country’s commitment to neutrality in international affairs. In addition to this there were also various religious sites such as the Kipchak Mosque which was built in honor of an 11th century Muslim saint. Outside Ashgabat there were plenty more attractions for travelers to explore including some stunning natural wonders such as Darvaza Gas Crater which is an area known for its burning gas craters or Köýtendag Nature Reserve where visitors could observe some unique wildlife species such as wild boar and mountain goats. Furthermore, travelers could also experience some traditional Turkmen culture by visiting one of the many yurts that are scattered throughout the countryside or take part in some local festivals such as Nowruz which is celebrated at the beginning of spring. Overall, Turkmenistan in 2013 provided visitors with plenty to see and do from exploring its vibrant capital city to experiencing its ancient culture and stunning natural wonders. With its commitment to neutrality in international affairs it also provided travelers with a safe environment where they could experience something truly unique without having to worry about their safety. Turkmenistan is a Central Asian country located in the Caspian Sea region, with a population of approximately 5.2 million people in 2014. It was bordered by five countries including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iran and the Caspian Sea. The official language was Turkmen but Russian and Uzbek were also widely spoken. The currency was Turkmen manat (TMT). The terrain of Turkmenistan varied from mountains and plains to desert landscapes, with its highest point being Mount Ayrybaba at 2,940 meters above sea level. It had a variety of wildlife including wild boars, wolves, foxes and jackals among others as well as many species of birds such as eagles, falcons and vultures. The government of Turkmenistan was an authoritarian presidential republic led by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow since 2007 after he was elected by popular vote. The country had a single-party system with legislative power vested solely in the government with unicameral parliamentary system composed of 125 members appointed for five-year terms from constituencies across Turkmenistan with an additional 8 seats appointed by the President through special interests such as women or people with disabilities or youth representatives. Check cheeroutdoor for Turkmenistan Business.

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State and politics Reference: Turkmenistan Flag Meaning According to AllCityCodes.com, Turkmenistan has since independence in 1991 served as a one-party state with a prominent personal cult around Presidents Saparmurat Nijazov and Gurbanguli Berdimuchammedov (born...