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According to physicscat, in 2013, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was a country of nearly 9 million people located in the Middle East. The capital city of Abu Dhabi served as the nation’s hub for politics, culture, and commerce. Arabic was the official language, although many citizens spoke English and other languages. The UAE’s economy in 2013 was largely dependent on its oil reserves which accounted for over half of its GDP. Other important economic sectors included finance, trade, manufacturing and tourism. Despite its dependence on oil, the UAE had experienced some economic growth due to diversification into other industries such as banking and finance, real estate and construction and information technology. The UAE’s infrastructure in 2013 was modern compared to much of the rest of the Middle East due to decades of investment into infrastructure development projects – such as road construction projects – since independence in 1971. This had allowed the UAE to develop a sophisticated transport network that featured highways and high-speed rail links between major cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In addition to this, large investments had also been made into water supply systems which allowed access to clean drinking water across much of the country. The United Arab Emirates in 2014 was a rapidly developing country, with a vibrant culture, pulsating cities and remarkable progress. The UAE has made remarkable progress in the last decades and is now one of the most modern countries in the world. The country has the highest human development index in the Arab world, and its economy is based on petroleum production and refining, tourism, business services and financial services. The UAE is home to some of the most luxurious hotels, shopping malls and entertainment venues in the world. Its infrastructure is modern, efficient and reliable; it offers excellent healthcare facilities; there are world-class educational institutions; its airports are among the busiest in the region; its ports are among the busiest in terms of container traffic; its roads are well maintained; its telecommunications system is one of the best in the region. In addition to these impressive developments, 2014 saw an increase of foreign investment into UAE businesses due to its economic stability and attractive returns. This allowed for further diversification of investments across sectors such as banking & finance, information technology & communication services, healthcare & pharmaceuticals as well as renewable energy sources such as solar power. In addition to this growth potential for investors, citizens of UAE also experienced an improved quality of life with improved access to education and healthcare facilities that were previously unavailable or limited before 2014. Furthermore, significant efforts were made by government authorities to improve safety standards across all sectors including construction sites with more stringent safety regulations being enforced by authorities. Check cheeroutdoor for United Arab Emirates Business.

Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Ajman, United Arab Emirates

This small and modest emirate, bordering Sharjah, is located in the central part of the western coast of the United Arab Emirates. According to getzipcodes, the Emirate of Ajman is located on the coast...

United Arab Emirates Head of Government

United Arab Emirates Government and Politics

State and politics Reference: United Arab Emirates Flag Meaning According to AllCityCodes.com, the United Arab Emirates Federation was proclaimed on December 1, 1971 and since 1972 consists of seven emirates. A provisional constitution from...