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Beaches and Diving on Zanzibar

On a trip to Zanzibar with Tourist Travel you have the opportunity to just enjoy the sun and relax on the beach, but you can also experience the fascinating wildlife found under the sea.

Zanzibar has it all as you can also take a trip to Stone Town and see the ancient architecture. The architecture dates back to the 1800s and this was also where the terrible past of the slave trade took place.

Diving on Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a perfect place for you who want to dive or snorkel. The sea is very visible and there is an absolutely fantastic wildlife. The average temperature of the water is approx. 27 degrees, and fluctuates between 25 and 29 degrees. The sea has a very beautiful coral reef and there are a lot of special fish you can see. It is therefore possible to snorkel if you walk directly from the beach.

It is also possible to take a boat and go diving. Here you can see fish in all sorts of colors. A whole new world that one can hardly imagine exists. In addition, by going further out to sea, you can have the opportunity to experience sea turtles, devil rays and dolphins. No matter how or where you want to dive, there are plenty of opportunities on Zanzibar.

Beaches on Zanzibar


One of the beaches you will especially get to experience with Tourist Travel to Zanzibar is Nungwi Beach. Besides the delicious beach and the amazingly beautiful and clear water, there are also other views from this beach that make it worth looking at. Among other things, there are a lot of boats, which looks really nice. Another absolutely fantastic sight you can meet is in the evening at sunset, where a lot of boats sail out, to fish at night.

The good thing about this beach is also the location. The beach at the hotel that Tourist Travel typically uses is not terribly large. On the other hand, the water is absolutely perfect. In addition, the location means that there are no tidal problems, which is on the east coast of Zanzibar. This means that you can swim at Nungwi beach around the clock.


Kiwengwa is located on the east coast of Zanzibar, between two villages named Pongwe and Pwani Mchangani. However, compared to Nungwi, which has no tidal problems, this can be experienced at Kiwengwa. It is just something to be aware of when choosing to swim at this beach.

Despite this, Kiwengwa is also an absolutely stunning beach on Zanzibar. Beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. No matter where and what beach you are going to experience on Zanzibar, you will not be disappointed. If you dream of a beach holiday with lots of relaxation, Zanzibar is the perfect place to go.

Beaches and Diving on Zanzibar

The capital of Tanzania: Dodoma

According to naturegnosis, the capital of Tanzania is the city of Dodoma, which with its more than 300 thousand inhabitants makes up a large part of the Tanzanian population. Dodoma has not always been the capital of Tanzania, as it first became this in 1973, when it took over the role from the port city, Dar es Salaam.

Dodoma was i.a. chosen as the capital of Tanzania due to the city’s central location in Tanzania. With a capital city located in the center of the country, it is similar to other countries like Brazil, Nigeria and and Pakistan.

Visit the capital of Tanzania with Tourist Travel

With our many years of experience in Tanzania, we know almost every corner of the country, and of course the capital Dodoma. Dodoma offers both an intense cultural experience and a magnificent safari experience. Dodoma is definitely one of the many beautiful sights that await you in Tanzania.

With Dodoma’s central location, it offers rich opportunities for large parts of the country to be experienced. Tanzania is a large country with countless amazing views, which is why many choose the central location in the capital, Dodoma.

The former capital: Dar es Salaam

As mentioned earlier, Dodoma took over the role of Tanzania’s capital from Dar es Salaam. However, Dar es Salaam has remained the commercial capital, and there are still quite a few official offices here.

Dar es Salaam means the port of peace and fits well with the city’s coastal location. With its location, the city is not far from the paradise island of Zanzibar, and many travelers to Tanzania choose to slip past this particular island.

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