The Big Five Safari in Tanzania

Get a memorable experience of the diverse wildlife, in their proper element

Do you dream of a close encounter with the amazing animal constellation, The Big Five? At Kipling Travel, we plan trips with The Big Five safari. The sight of the annual 800-kilometer trek, in which over two million grazing animals search for more lush areas or the fearsome lion throwing itself over its next prey, is an admirable affair.

Africa has the world’s largest and most varied population of wild animals, and with Kipling Travel you have the opportunity to explore and meet all the animals you know from the zoo.

The experience extends over the black-and-white striped zebra and the long-legged ostrich to the thick-necked wildebeest and the potentially most dangerous animals “The Big Five”. The lion, the leopard, the black rhino, the African elephant and the coffee buffalo include the five wild African animals you can meet on a safari in Tanzania .

These five extravagant animals are known as being some of the most dangerous on the planet – due to their extraordinarily fierce temperament – but certainly also as the most beautiful creatures in the world.

According to thesciencetutor, Tanzania is located on the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa, and offers perhaps Africa’s very best safari opportunities. In Tanzania, the wildlife is extremely diverse, which is why you get the best conditions to get really close to “The Big Five”. Nature is somewhat wilder and larger than other African countries, and the animal density is particularly concentrated. At the Serengeti Plain, Ruaha National Park or Selous Game Reserve you can get up close and personal with the fabulous wildlife. In addition to the famous “The Big Five”, you can also experience zebras, giraffes, hippos, cheetahs, flamingos and over 500 different bird species when you travel to Tanzania .

The Big Five Safari in Tanzania

Meet the mighty “The Big Five” members

The lion

The lion is Africa’s largest predator and now the second largest cat species, after the tiger. The lion is the finest in the food chain, and thus has no natural enemies beyond man. The majestic animal is characterized by the male lion’s breathtaking mane, golden fur and tufts of hair at the tip of the tail. The lion is a very social animal, and is often seen in flocks with one or two males, five to six lionesses and their young. However, not all lions are social, as some stroll around the savannah alone and hunt alone.


The name leopard originates from ancient Greece, where it was thought that the animal was a mixture of a lion and a panther. With its black-spotted yellow fur and muscular body, the leopard is one of the savannah’s best lone hunters, which due to its camouflage can get almost five meters close to its prey before being discovered. The leopard is an extremely fascinating animal that makes a name for itself in action on the African savannah. In this feline, family is definitely not a trend and is only social during the six to seven days when the two sexes mate.

The rhino

The black rhino is the original on the list, but due to a strong decline and their overgrown haunt, “The Big Five” also includes the white rhino. Despite the name, both species are gray and have the characteristic two horns on the nose, where the front is larger and longer than the one behind. The front horn can be almost 150 cm high, while the back one is about 50 cm. However, there is a slight difference between the two rhinos, as the black one is smaller and weighs between 850 to 1800 kg, and a white rhino weighs between 1600 and 2400 kg.


With its size, the elephant is actually the largest animal that lives on land, weighing up to 7000 kilos. The elephants are intelligent, social and very playful animals, and therefore perhaps also the most entertaining on the savannah. Despite their immediate peaceful nature, they are at the same time one of the most fearsome animals, with their size and unpredictable temperament. The females often live in flocks of 10 to 12, while the males live a longer nomadic life, wandering around on their own from the age of 10-14.

The buffalo

The coffee buffalo is the African buffalo, but the Asian is called the water buffalo. The buffalo is Africa’s largest bull and weighs up to 800 kg. A dense coat is found in the younger buffalo, while the splendor of the hair becomes less during its lifetime, and older buffaloes are approximately naked. The color of the coffee buffalo is very dark brown to bright black. Their large horns are found in both sexes, but in males that live on the savannah, reaching a length of 160 cm. The horns of the subspecies have considerably larger horns than in the other buffalo species.

Do you want to be with the nerds on “The Big Five” safari?

There are many opportunities to meet “The Big Five”. We are nerds in safari in Tanzania, so if you want to know more, you can contact us here . We look forward to arranging your unforgettable safari trip that will give you a new perspective on the wilderness’ rich wildlife.

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