The Swimsuit This Summer It Has Very Clear, Simple and with Lyrics

Since last year, it seems that bathing suits have a hole in the closet again, but of course not all. Original and very low-cut (that fundamental) because but the young and stylish public gives you slammed the door to the closet of their mothers. If you want one, you do not compliques too because the trend is very but very clear.

Photo shoots on the vineyard with this babe

A photo published by Delaney of the Photography (@delaneydel) 15 Jul 2015 (s) 7:04 PDT

Looking for one that is of a single color, having cleavage by absolutely all possible parties that may have a bathing suit and that neck can read something. You are looking for a message with pen or American letters but you have grace and transmit. If you can find one with your name can become the center of attention of each beach and pool that you step on because you know that Customizing causes furor.

To show off swimmingly so only you have that have another bikini Tan brand (if you want to go to the fashion), a body of scandal (but does not look like) and a well greased hair. As well as out of a production of any head of fashion, you will be the feeling of Benidorm, Marbella or beyond where to enjoy your vacation.