Therefore, Anderson Is the World’s Coolest Designers J.W..

J.W. Anderson (31) – never heard? Should you! The Northern Irishman has cleared just the two main prizes at the British fashion awards. And not only since is considered one of the most sought after fashion designers in the world. Everything about the “provocateur of fashion”.

That before him no one did: the designer J.W.. Anderson won the British fashion awards on Monday both the prize for best designer for women like men’s fashion. For connoisseurs, this is actually no surprise. Finally, the mixing of the sexes for Jonathan William Anderson is so his full name, long mesh of its collections – even before transgender people in fashion have been cool. But there are other reasons why the Northern Irishman currently conquered the fashion world by storm:

aby face and bright blue eyes: J.W. Anderson was doubly happy himself on Monday evening and was awarded as the best men and women designer at the “British fashion Awards”. While Anderson actually wanted to become actor after school, went to the “actor’s Studio” in Washington DC before he graduated in menswear at the “College of fashion” in London

  1. He separates himself

Trends? Not exist for j.w. Anderson! If all other designer revivaln just the 70s, Anderson of the dress codes of the eighties – uses as has happened during its current winter collection.

The 80s with Lurexblusen, wide belt buckles and pop colors can greet in the current winter collection by J.W. Anderson.

But not only is this is his creative fuel, but the age of the Internet and its resulting diversity “I am doing my own thing”. That can be, in his opinion, a trend are blurred and abolishes the mainstream taste. Individualism is more important than ever, as Anderson. That’s why or precisely find his avant-garde designs, such as cycling shorts from top to crumpled clothes like in the summer collection of 2016, his customers. Who now believes that buys and wears none – the brand J.W.. Anderson is profitable and growing.

For many, the look from the collection for next summer is getting. We are sure: the cycling shorts from top we will see next season on every second Fashionista

  1. He blurs the gender

The fashion label Gucci made in January, men in delicate, feminine button blouses on the runway walk and celebrated it as a savior for the latest fashion. At Burberry, the man models wore shirts with lace. J.W. Anderson had already many seasons the now hyped unisex look previously shown at London fashion week and thereby not played for the first time with the sexes.

Sloops like ties bind – this was J.W.. Anderson in the summer collection 2014

Rosefarbene Wollkleider and shorts with Ruffles for men, wide trousers and a leather jacket for women: “Shared Wardrobe” calls Anderson the idea he pursues 2008 since his first men’s line (since 2010, Anderson designing a women’s collection).

Design of the men’s collection for winter 2013/14. A boundary between men and women does not exist at J.W. Anderson

Men buy women’s Department, women serve in the corner of the Mr – “For me it was always the same”, Anderson explains his attitude to the clothing in the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, “sometimes a dud from the women’s Department because of the fit is just better.” Or just the other way around.

The Cape dress of Miroslava Duma (30) is actually from the last winter collection by J.W. Anderson for men – but found the ladies cakes

  1. He draws the coolest women

J.W. Anderson has his fan base. Clearly are often women from the fashion and creative industry as Miroslava Duma, Erin O’Connor, Chloë Sevigny, who dare to wear his designs. But: The success of Anderson is idolized by fashion editors, but simple basics in top quality, pleasing everyone and that.

  1. he sees the industry

Early Anderson understands J.W.., how to make profitable a fashion brand. First: Put on accessories as a best seller. In every Anderson collection, whether for women or men, shoes, bags, eyewear, jewelry and special showpieces that immediately trigger the have want reflex and are thereby of course often more affordable than a jacket or a dress can be found.

Cool accessories from the current winter collection by J.W. Anderson. Whether necklace or scarf – the interpretation is up to each

Second: Put on basics. As already mentioned Anderson designs not only avant-garde clothes, but always simple basics with the typical hand j.w.. Far too many avant-garde and young designer cease – and finally often therefore fail.

Model Dree Hemingway in a camelfarbenen, classic coat, no COS or Zara, but J.W. Anderson.

Third: Enter into cooperation. J.W.. Anderson was not himself from the outset to shame, to borrow his name for other brands and so in addition to earn money and to make his name known. In 2009, a year after the founding of the label, he designed for the Sunspel underwear brand, 2012, he sold a Caspule collection at the textile chain Topshop, this year he collaborated with Coca Cola.

J.W.. Anderson in the presentation of his for him-designed bottle for “Coca-Cola light”

  1. He made cool again lion

Since 2013 Anderson Creative Director is J.W.. for the lion label. Similar to like at the time, Phoebe Philo at Céline Anderson the Spanish traditional, famous for its leather goods, awakened from the slumber, and cool again made. Especially the bag sales, the core business of the brand, have exploded since Anderson. There, he mixes in the women’s and men’s collections – if also in narrowing – the gender codes, forms and materials, such as only J.W. Anderson.

As successor by Raf Simons for the post of Chief Designer at Dior he would be one of the most promising candidates. Not only because Simons and Anderson in their design philosophy are quite similar and both with men’s fashion started her career, but because of the luxury group LVMH, Dior and the lion belong, Anderson has also shares in the day j.w. and J.W. Anderson, as already mentioned, accessories can, that largely make up the success at Dior.

Not only in lion Anderson has demonstrated J.W.., that he can accessories that are always well sold and are the largest revenue contributor for a luxury brand. Like this bag with Mitzen print and…