Things to Do in Ostend, Belgium

In the famous seaside resort of Ostend there is plenty to do and experience, even for the slightly spoiled tourist. And of course the Burgundian among us can find plenty of good eateries here in Flemish Belgium. Seafood restaurants dominate. Because Ostend is a fortified city, there is a lot to find or experience in terms of history. You can visit a ship ‘de Mercator’ from 1932 and the Fort of Napoleon. In addition to the beautiful coast, this seaside resort has a number of very beautiful green parks to offer. Here you will find the Ostend Koningspark with its beautiful Japanese gardens or the Leopold Park with its beautiful water features. In short, plenty to see and experience.

Ostend ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. Fort Napoleon
Like every fortified city, Ostend has its own fortress. The fort was built in 1811 by order of Napoleon because they feared an attack from England. The pentagonal fortress has also mainly served as a weapons warehouse and residence of soldiers. Today it is a museum with a good cultural and educational capacity where many secrets of the past can be found.

#2. North Sea
According to recipesinthebox, Aquarium At the Visserskaai there is a sea aquarium with over sixty species of aquatic animals. The animals are spread over a number of aquariums so that you can view them well. The animals are supplied by local fishermen. The building itself previously served as a shrimp mine. This North Sea aquarium has been located there since 1977.

#3. Mercator
This Barkentijn sailing ship attracts many thousands of visitors every year. The beautiful old museum ship from 1932 was once a training ship for the merchant fleet. With his 15 sails he could reach speeds of about 13 knots on best days. The ship has served various destinations such as Easter Island, Congo and Lisbon.

#4. Atlantikwall
Once during the Second World War, this defense line was built to defend the country against attacks. The strategic points were mainly harbours, which is why parts can be seen in Ostend. Today, the Atlantic Wall of Ostend is an open-air museum. Here you can see, among other things, the military defenses and residences. The underground trenches and bunkers are well reconstructed and take you back in time.

#5. Mu.ZEE
This special art museum is located on the Romestaat in Ostend. An attempt is made to appeal to the widest possible audience by means of good partnerships. This is done by dealing very creatively with a wide variety of (temporary) collections and educational functions. The emphasis in this museum is on young Flemish artists.

#6. James Enso gallery
Between Christinastraat and Vlaanderenstraat is a pleasant covered shopping area. The atmospheric facades in Renaissance style give this gallery a chic appearance. The range of shops is diverse. More shopping facilities can be found in the vicinity, such as in the Feest- en Kultuurpaleis on Kapellestraat, around Wapenplein and Lijnbaanstraat.

#7. Fish ladder
At this modest open-air fish market on the Visserskaai, the catch of the day is for sale every day. Especially in the early morning the offer is very fresh and diverse. It has been the place in Ostend for years where you can buy fish. Previously, the catch was mainly offered by the wives of the fishermen. The Ostend shrimp in particular is extremely popular. In the vicinity are many fish restaurants, each with their own specialty.

#8. Plopsaland
Theme park Plopsaland is located near De Panne, a seaside resort located half an hour’s drive from Ostend. For the little ones among us, a visit to this park should not be missed. Kabouter Plop, Mega Mindy, Bumba and K3 are central here. The park is spacious and well-arranged. The very fast and wild attractions are almost impossible to find here. That is why it is a super fun park, especially for children between 0 and 10 years. From a length of 1 meter you pay the full rate. Spread over the day, there are regular performances or studio100 figures walk through the park.

#9. Casino Kursaal
This special building, filled with many windows, is located in a very prominent location by the sea. This place in Ostend has been visited for relaxation since the early nineteenth century. It already had a concert and ballroom back then. The Kursaal was destroyed during the Second World War. After the war, the current building was built under the direction of architect Léon Stynen. Nowadays, in addition to the concert hall and catering establishments, there is also a casino in the building.

#10. Explorado
Since 2014, the former educational center Earth Explorer has been transformed into Explorado Family Adventure Science Park Ostend. Here you can go on a discovery tour in search of explanations about various natural phenomena. How does a tornado come about or what is the explanation for devastating tsunamis. Attractions such as the Apollo 3000 Simulator provide the necessary excitement during a learning & fun day in Explorado.

Ostend, Belgium

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