Tours to the Seychelles

Enjoyment of natural beauties, snow-white shores, bordered by velvety granite rocks and rustling palm trees on one side and turquoise, transparent to the very bottom, waters of the Indian Ocean on the other, slopes of picturesque hills covered with bright tropical greenery, secluded, only for two, bays and long, relaxing for walks, beaches with soft and white as flour sand, colorful sunsets, an abundance of fresh seafood, a leisurely rhythm of life, a romantic mood – this is all a holiday in the Seychelles!

Booking tours to the Seychelles, even a sophisticated traveler can be sure that this vacation will be unforgettable. In this island state, spread over 115 islands of granite and coral origin, you can combine languid lying on the white sand of beaches located in small bays with active daytime recreation (surfing, yachting, diving, fishing), unhurried contemplation of the surrounding natural perfection and acquaintance with hospitable local residents – Creoles. Here you will find both luxurious hotels of world brands and small cozy family hotels. Each island is attractive in its own way, and therefore, if you listen to the motto of traveling around the Seychelles “Sitting in one place is a crime” and visit several islands at once, your baggage of impressions will be replenished with vivid emotions and pleasant memories.

Currency: Seychelles rupee (1 euro = approx. 15 rupees, 1 USD = approx. 13 rupees)

Language: French, English, Creole

Capital: Victoria.
Time: ahead of Moscow by 1 hour.
Flight: 5 hours + 4:20 hours via Dubai, or 3-4 hours + 10 hours via one of the cities of Western Europe.
Currency: Seychellois rupee (1 euro ~15 rupees, 1 dollar ~ 13 rupees).
Language: French, English, Creole.
Religion: Christianity (90% of the population are Catholics).
Population: 88,000 people
Ethnic composition: predominantly Creoles (Franco-African mulattos), as well as Europeans, Africans, Indians, Chinese.
State structure: Presidential republic.
Geography: According to areacodesexplorer, this island nation of Seychelles is located in the western part of the Indian Ocean, just south of the equator. 1600 km east of the African coast. The Seychelles consists of 115 islands, of which 33 are inhabited. The islands are conditionally divided into internal – larger in size, of granite origin, and external – small coral islands.
Climate: equatorial, marine. The climate of the islands is regulated by the ocean, and the Seychelles are unfamiliar with the debilitating heat of continental regions located at the same latitude. The air temperature practically does not change during the year and is approx. +30˚С. Rains in the Seychelles are usually short and occur all year round, but their maximum amount falls on the period from December to February. Between June and September, the weather can be more windy and the ocean less calm, but there will be less rainfall.
Visa: for citizens of the Russian Federation is not needed.
Hotels: adopted in Europe and given in the catalog, the classification of hotels by stars in the Seychelles was not carried out, therefore it is unofficial and is given to facilitate an idea of ​​the level of service and services. The official check-in time on the day of arrival is 14:00 (in some hotels 12:00), the check-out time on the day of departure is 12:00 (in some hotels 10:00).

The Seychelles attract sophisticated travelers from all over the world. The choice of hotels is not great, but this allows you to control the flow of tourists and keep the nature of the islands almost untouched. Secluded beaches under palm trees, picturesque granite cliffs, the clearest ocean and sunsets of rare beauty promise unforgettable days for lovers and newlyweds. The marine national park has almost all types of underwater flora and fauna of the Indian Ocean. All beaches in the Seychelles are owned by the state, and the tourism department is vigilant about the encroachment of buildings on the beaches, for their cleanliness and preservation of the natural appearance. No inn can be built taller than a coconut tree! Therefore, although there are several large buildings on the island of Mahe, small hotels predominate in the Seychelles. Hidden on the edge of a deserted long beach or climbing the slopes of granite hills, hotels are harmoniously inscribed in the natural beauty of nature. Seychelles nature is truly magnificent! Due to the long island isolation in the Seychelles, there are many endemic plants and animals, while none of them are dangerous or poisonous. The first settlers appeared in the Seychelles only in the middle of the 18th century, although the first European expeditions were carried out in the 17th century. Prior to this, only pirates visited the islands, according to legend, they buried a treasure that has not yet been found on about. Silhouette. The first colonizers of the islands were the French, who created plantations of cinnamon, vanilla and other spices there, imported slaves from Africa, and left their language and name as a legacy. The French colonialists were replaced by the British, and the archipelago remained under the British protectorate until 1976,

For those who want to escape the hustle and bustle and have a holiday just for two, there is no more suitable place than the Seychelles. Here you can hold an official or symbolic wedding ceremony, and the natural beauty of the islands will be a great decoration for it.

Tours to the Seychelles

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