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Moroccan travel – 1001 night experience

Morocco offers versatile holiday travel for all tastes. With the atlas mountains rising across the country, there are good opportunities for mountaineering and trekking at North Africa’s highest point Toubkal. Morocco also offers idyllic Sahara trekking on camelback out into the desert, where the sunset is not seen more beautifully. Morocco is the security of a sea of ​​sensory impressions rarely seen.

We are experts in travel to Morocco

According to ehealthfacts, Morocco is a beautiful and colorful country with a fascinating culture and a very varied nature. You can both visit magnificent mosques and minarets, as well as hike in the picturesque Atlas Mountains. We have extensive experience in planning trips to Morocco, and offer many different types of trips to the beautiful country. On your holiday to Morocco you are almost guaranteed sunny weather, as the country has only a few days of rainfall.

Africa’s northernmost country Morocco is not many hours by plane from Denmark, although here continents are crossed on the journey. The country that stretches far The Atlas Mountains are packed with cultural experiences, gastronomic events and wild nature scenery. The official language of Morocco is Arabic and Berber, but to some extent French and Spanish are also spoken in the country.

A trip to Morocco can include all over the world. Therefore, with Tourist Travel you can choose from a wide range of exciting trips to Morocco. Join us on a winter ascent of Toubkal, or get in the zen on our yoga trips to Marrakesh. The country is also a major producer of tasty spices and is therefore also a gastronomically exciting country to visit.

Climate and weather in Morocco

Morocco has a complex climate, which is affected by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Sahara Desert to the south. The northern part of the country has a Mediterranean climate, with long heat where the temperature peaks at 30 degrees. Morocco is blessed with mild winters where the maximum temperature is around 16 degrees.

Towards the Atlantic coast, the climate is cooler and more humid due to the sea, which carries fresh currents towards the land. In the middle of summer, the cities on the Atlantic coast are popular, as there is a cool breeze here. Further south, where the vast Sahara desert begins, the climate is warmer and can actually reach as high as 40-45 degrees.

Types of travel in Morocco

Trekking in Morocco

Trekking in Morocco takes place in a varied terrain. We go both on a trek in the Atlas Mountains, and on a hike in the scorching Sahara Desert. You can easily experience the trek in Morocco with a generally sensible physique, as long as you are fresh on adventure.

Cultural trips to Morocco

Cultural trips to Morocco like to round out Marrakech. This city is sensuous with its colorful buildings, fragrant spices and the sound of shouting merchants. Do not forget to visit the Medina, which is so beautiful that it easily takes the breath away from the visitors.

Mountaineering in Morocco

As the only Danish travel agency, Tourist Travel offers mountaineering on North Africa’s highest mountain, Toubkal. Here you move through hard terrain and freezing temperatures ranging from 10-15 degrees. At the top there are freezing temperatures and snow cover.

Painting trip in Morocco

Painters such as Matisse, Delacroix and Klee have all been inspired by the confusion of Marrakech. On a painting holiday with Tourist Travel, we have found some amazing spots that give brushes and creativity free play. On our painting holiday there is the opportunity for daily teaching.

Train journey in Morocco

If you want to experience oriental Morocco, you do not need to board a plane at all. Instead, you can board the high-speed train in Copenhagen and enjoy the journey through beautiful Europe with the final destination in fantastic Morocco.

Popular animals you can experience in Morocco

Morocco is a large country with different climate types, which means that the country’s fauna is very diverse. On your holiday to Morocco, for example, you may be lucky enough to meet Berber monkeys who live in the Atlas Mountains. However, the monkeys’ existence is threatened by tree felling, and the species is therefore described as vulnerable.

Dromedaries are among Morocco’s larger animals, which for millennia have been of great importance to the local population as they have been used as a means of transport. Most dromedaries in Morocco are tame and are still used for practical purposes. In addition, the North African country is home to wild boars, hyenas, gazelles and desert foxes, among others.

Sahara Desert

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