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Safari, magnificent nature and fantastic culture – welcome to South Africa

Welcome to South Africa, one of the world’s most versatile travel countries with the stunningly beautiful Garden Route, the wild nature of the Drakensberg, the Dolphin Trail and St. Lucia, gastronomic experiences in the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town and not least the wine country and of course the Cape of Good Hope and the Cape Peninsula, the wine country at Franschhoek, Robben Island where Mandela was imprisoned – and of course fantastic safaris in Amakhala or Krüger National park. Here you can get really close to The Big Five and Africa’s big game.

Experts in travel to South Africa

Want to experience the treasures of South Africa? Do you want to be introduced to the dynamic city life and experience luxurious safaris? Tourist Travel can eventually call itself experts in travel to South Africa. Contact us and hear more about our travels to South Africa. You can possibly read more about travel to South Africa below.

In the southern tip of Africa, vast South Africa is spreading with its varied, beautiful diversity. The capital is called Pretoria, and holds just under 3 million. inhabitants. South Africa is a great destination if you are visiting the African continent for the first time. The country absolutely represents Africa at its best with all that culture, nature and history entails.

The safari opportunities are fantastic in South Africa. Here you can experience “ The Big Five ”, or explore the west coast’s maritime wildlife. You can visit beautiful vineyards, go fishing or explore historic Cape Town. At Tourist Travel, you are in good hands on your trip to South Africa, and we are happy to help tailor your dream trip to this fantastic country.

Climate and travel weather in South Africa

According to extrareference, South Africa stretches through two climate zones – the tropical in the north and the subtropical in the south. The average temperature in South Africa therefore varies greatly, depending on when and where in the country you travel.

In the southern part of the country, where Cape Town has its location, among other places, the high season extends from October to April. It is during this period that the weather is driest. The opposite is true in the northern part of South Africa, where the peak season falls in April to October.

Travel to South Africa is therefore possible all year round. You can even easily travel to a part of the country outside the high season. Just note that in the north it rains a lot more out of season than it does in the south. In general, however, rainfall is not as heavy in South Africa.

Cities in South Africa


On trips to South Africa, Oudtshoorn is especially exciting for the bird interested tourists. In addition to the approximately 80,000 inhabitants of the city, there are also several thousand plump ostriches living on various ostrich farms.

The high ostrich population is due to Europe’s great interest in ostrich feathers. In this connection, the number of ostrich farms has increased significantly. That is why Oudtshoorn is now known as the capital of ostriches.

Port Elizabeth

Next to the water in the south of South Africa is Port Elizabeth – the friendly city. This city has a whole lot to offer – everything from lovely beaches and beautiful sunsets to big city life, delicious food and shopping.

For example, you can take a historical excursion to Fort Frederick or the green Settlers Park. Just outside the city you can spot the smaller mountain zebra, which is known by its skin patch on the neck.


Quite close to Oudtshoorn you will find cozy Calitzdorp. This city is especially known for its South African specialties such as delicate us and exotic fresh fruit that we do not know from home.

The town of Calitzdorp is also enriched with beautiful South African vineyards. Feel free to go on the Wine Tour and taste the delicious wines. Whether you are into red or white wine, you will find wine here that falls in your taste.


The port city of Hermanus is located in the southwestern part of South Africa. If you did not get enough wine in Calitzdorp, fortunately there are also several wineries here, which is why the town is also part of the area called the wine country.

If you are not the big wine lover, you are perhaps more enthusiastic about Hermanus’ other great characteristic – whales. In the period June to November, it is difficult to avoid spotting the whales in the high seas.

Cape Town

It’s hard not to mention Cape Town when talking about traveling to South Africa. Cape Town steals the title as the country’s second largest city with its more than 3 million inhabitants. Here are plenty of activities to indulge in.

Take a trip up Table Mountain and enjoy the impressive views. You can also explore the city’s cozy markets or explore South African art and culture. Cape Town is an incredibly beautiful city.

Cape Town and its vineyards

St. Lucia

St. Lucia has won a place in the hearts of Tourist Travel. Here is village charm and unique experiences to pick up. The city borders the incredible St. Lucia lake, where you can go on a boat safari of a very special class.

On the trip you can spot hippos, crocodiles and kingfishers in the water. It’s a wonderful trip. The lush fauna around the lake also makes its mark. The landscape has the character of an unreal and beautiful splendor.


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