Travel to Tanzania and Zanzibar

A tailor-made journey based on years of experience

We have run the Serengeti plains thin and climbed every possible mountain top. At Tourist Travel, we are self-proclaimed Tanzania experts, for this beautiful country we know as our own back pocket. We know when the Great Migration, the migration of wildebeest, is best experienced and live on the savannah to prioritize living. Our many years of experience traveling to Tanzania and Zanzibar ensures you an unforgettable adventure and memory beyond the ordinary.

On the Africa safari trips, there is a daily departure all year round, so you can choose the departure date yourself. We look forward to showing you what a trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar should optimally be like.

Travel with gifted mountain nerds to Tanzania and Zanzibar

AT Kilimanjaro, our Danish tour guides are what makes a big difference on the mountain. They have training and / or massive experience related to heights, trekking and / or ascent, of which you can become a part. Several of the tour guides have climbed Seven Summits – including Kilimanjaro, lived like globetrotters and experienced the savannah’s spectacular wildlife up close. Tourist Travel is a samsurium of gifted mountain nerds who are fascinated by everything that moves in Tanzania.

At Tourist Travel, we offer trips to Tanzania, where you can experience the beautiful east coast of Africa. Dip your toes into the Indian Ocean, visit the village community in the mountains and jeep through the savannah. NgoroNgoro Crater is an inevitable paradise for safari enthusiasts. It has over 25,000 mammals at home, and your chances of experiencing animal phenomena like The Big Five are super good.

Distributed on the Tanzanian mainland and on the associated archipelago Zanzibar live approx. 50 million inhabitants. Popular destinations such as the capital Dodoma and the city of Arusha are visited every year by a myriad of tourists who are hungry for wild experiences. The people of Tanzania speak Swahili. Some inhabitants also mastered English as a relic of the British colonization of the time.

Cities in Tanzania and on Zanzibar


Trips to Tanzania often start in Arusha – Africa’s absolute safari city. The location is also ideal for those who are going to climb Kilimanjaro. The city has excellent restaurants and good shopping opportunities.

Trips to Tanzania usually also include a visit to the Serengeti National Park, which is also close to Arusha. In addition, Arusha is an exquisite starting point for visits to the NgoroNgoro Crater.


The ancient city of the Sukuma people hides small amazing treasures throughout the area. Visit the Museum, which unfolds as an old Sukuma village, where true tribal people live and work all year round.

Sail out on Lake Victoria and be fascinated by the surrounding nature. Do not forget to visit Tanzania’s smallest national park, Sanaane. Here you can even experience safaris on foot.

Zanzibar City

According to hyperrestaurant, one half of the Republic of Tanzania can be found in the Indian Ocean on the Zanzibar Islands. A trip to stunning Zanzibar offers the most beautiful exotic white sand beaches where it is possible to completely unwind.

In the capital city of Zanzibar City hides the historic district of Stonetown. Experience the amazing architecture of the district and let yourself be drawn by the history of the old slave trade center.

Lake Victoria

More places to experience

Dar es Salaam
The ancient capital and well-known port city of Tanzania, invites you to stroll by the port and lots of culture at the city’s museums and very special exhibitions. The city of

is the perfect base for your safari experience on Africa’s most coveted Savannah, Selous. You can also take a dip at the beautiful Kinole waterfall.

Embark on a wonderful voyage of discovery in the lush terrain of the Minziro forest, or be fascinated by the abstract paintings of the tribes of the past by Bwanji Rock Art.

Take beautiful walks and explore the Usambara mountain range. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and take an ice cold dip under the Soni waterfall.

Tanzania’s capital Dodoma has something for everyone. In the area you can get close to Africa’s wildlife, learn more about the culture and dive into the city’s amazing history.

Experience Mbeyya’s lush landscape and explore the city’s distinctive natural areas. See, among other things, the fantastic natural lava bridge.

Right off the east coast of Africa you can dive into Galano’s hot springs. The city’s wonderful historical markings will be an experience you will never forget.

Village, in the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, reflects the many aspects of Masai culture in a way you could hardly have imagined.

Small fantastic national parks, local and different food experiences and the story of Dr. David Livingstone. Kigoma has it all, and more to even.

An often overlooked small town, which with its cultivation of delicious ingredients, offers all the best of African cuisine. Dr. Livingstone has also stayed here.


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