Tuy Hoa and Ha Long, Vietnam

Tuy Hoa

The provincial capital of Phu Yen, Tui Hoa is a pretty friendly place, located on a wide beach with golden sand. It is very beautiful there at any time of the year, travelers approaching the city are greeted by a giant sitting Buddha, and at night the illuminated Cham Tower flies over the ancient quarters. See JIBIN123 for Vietnam customs regulations and visa requirements.

However, for active tourists who like to combine beach holidays with intense excursions, Tuy Hoa may seem a little boring: this resort was created for a measured and lazy holiday on the beach, pleasant walks and leisurely shopping.

How to get there

Three times a week, Tuy Hoa and Ho Chi Minh City are linked by Vietnam Airlines flights. You can get from the airport, located 8 km from the city, to the center of Tui Hoa by taxi. You can also arrive in Tuy Hoa by train from Da Nang and Nha Trang (120 km) or by bus.

Attractions and attractions in Tuyhoa

The main attraction of the city and, concurrently, its symbol is the ancient Cham tower Thapnyan, proudly towering over the city on top of the mountain. In the evenings, it is beautifully illuminated. The path to the tower passes through a small but remarkable botanical garden, which offers beautiful views of the surroundings. You can also walk along the rice plantations and the picturesque embankment of the Darang River.

In addition, there are two breweries in Tui Hoa – “Saigon” and “Tui Hoa”, where you can go on a tour with a tasting. Cold beer backed up with seafood and roasted pig is not a bad alternative to the sea and the beach. For lovers of entertainment of a different sort, the picturesque rock of Da Dia is one of the wonders of the world. The rock represents thousands of stone rods of the correct pentagonal shape, washed by the waters of the South China Sea for 200 million years.

Other popular attractions around: the 19th century Manng Lang Catholic Church, the American army fortifications, observation decks, wild beaches and the stunning Dai Lan Beach, equipped for a carefree and unforgettable vacation and similar to the scenery from the Bounty advertisement. In addition, there are several hot springs in Phu Yen Province.

Ha Long

Halong is a fast-growing resort city with modern infrastructure, built on an artificial dam that connected the two peninsulas. Numerous hotels, luxury residential buildings, shops, restaurants, tennis courts, massage parlors, clubs and discos stretch along the coast. Sandy city beaches are artificial and not suitable for diving, but the water there is very warm.

How to get there

By taxi from Hanoi for 100 USD and 3.5 hours. It is convenient to move around the city by motorcycles or taxis.

Weather in Halong

The resort has a warm and mild climate, with an average temperature of about 22 °C. The rainy season lasts from June to November, from December to May it is rather dry.

Ha Long Hotels

There are no more than 15 noteworthy hotels in Ha Long, with about a third located on the nearest island of Tuan Chau. All hotels are located in close proximity to the beach and offer decent service. For the sake of exoticism, you can spend the night on a junk – as part of a mini-cruise or just moored in a picturesque place. It is better to book such an overnight stay at an official travel agency.

Cuisine and restaurants in Halong

In Halong Bay, God himself ordered to eat seafood – there are an abundance of restaurants offering inexpensive and very tasty food, which floated in the South China Sea in the morning. You should definitely try the local delicacy – sweet and sour candied fish.

Entertainment and attractions in Halong

In the vicinity of Ha Long, there are many caves and islands, each, as usual, with its own legend. The most famous are Dou Guo Wood Pillar Cave, Kuang Hanh, Heavenly Palace Cave, Cat Ba and Tuan Chau Islands. You can also visit Mount Bai Ho, rising 106 meters above sea level, to try to read a poem carved on it in honor of its beauty.

Cruises in Halong Bay

Sea excursions around Halong Bay with three thousand picturesque islands, as a rule, are organized from Hanoi, but you can also find a lot of travel agencies and hotels offering such a “swim” on the spot. The standard excursion program (3 days, 2 nights) includes a leisurely cruise from island to island, interspersed with active entertainment: climbing Mount Titov, cycling through rice fields, exploring caves and feeding monkeys. The first night is offered on a ship, the second – in a hotel on one of the islands, usually on Cat Ba. Meals – half board; in addition, boats-shops are constantly jumping up to the ship in the parking lots, where you can buy any food. By the way, for alcohol purchased from a junk on a ship, they may require the “cork right” – about 10,000 VNDfrom a bottle. The average cost of such excursions is 400,000 VND for a one-day voyage.

Ha Long, Vietnam

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