Types of Travel in Tanzania and Zanzibar

Types of travel in Tanzania and Zanzibar

Safari trip in Tanzania

On trips to Tanzania, you come very close to a wildlife that you only know from the zoo. In addition to the famous “The Big Five”, you can also encounter animals such as zebras, giraffes, hippos and cheetahs. The movement of the animals is a heartbreaking and enriching sight.

Cultural trip to Tanzania

Traveling to Tanzania will show you a culture that stands in stark contrast to the one we know at home. Visit Visit the Hadzabe tribal people on the salt lake Lake Eyasi. For generations, they have cultivated the land and primitively hunted for food with bow and arrow.

Beach holiday in Zanzibar

Travel to Tanzania often leads to a visit to the paradise island of Zanzibar. The view of the azure sea that forms the home of fish of all colors is worthy of a postcard. Enjoy it with a coconut in hand from one of the amazing bounty beaches.

Trekking in Tanzania

According to internetsailors, many trekkers travel to Tanzania. Here awaits the ultimate challenge – Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. ed Kilimanjaro National Park there are different levels of trek. For example, on a 7-day trek you can reach the tops of breathtaking Kilimanjaro.

Popular animals you can experience in Tanzania and Zanzibar

In Denmark, our opportunities to experience the exotic animals are limited. We can observe them through grids or panes, but then they are not allowed to unfold at all as the wild beasts they are. If you travel to Tanzania, you will enter the territory of the animals, and you must accept that the visit will be on their terms. Precisely because on the savannah you are among the animals’ natural surroundings, the experience will be completely different.

Experience hippos, giraffes, cheetahs and lions at home. Watch wildebeest and zebra on a wildlife walk in a group, or be captivated by the neon-pink flamingos among hundreds of other bird species. Wildlife unfolds not only on land and in the air. If you visit Zanzibar there is a sea of ​​snorkeling and diving opportunities to be found. The Indian Ocean holds a myriad of colorful fish, sea turtles, dolphins, stingrays, moraines, squid and more.


Questions from the travelers

Is it dangerous to live on the savannah?

No, it’s not. However, one must have respect for the fact that we are in the territory of the animals and that some of the animals can be dangerous if they feel threatened. Therefore, the right reservations must be made when choosing to sleep on the savannah. This is, of course, something that we have complete control over. So when you book your trip to Tanzania with us, do not worry about it.

Can you bring children with you?

Yes – you can easily do that, and it’s also an excellent idea. Most children become extremely fascinated when they experience the “big animals” on a safari trip.

Is Tanzania a safe place to travel to?

Yes, it certainly is. When you travel to such a distant country, however, there are always some reservations you have to take, which ensures that it becomes a safe and secure journey. Therefore, there are some preparations to make before departure, some types of behaviors that should be avoided and some areas that one should not stay in. We have been traveling in Tanzania for over 20 years. We therefore know all these reservations and guide our customers precisely and in detail in these.

When is the best time to travel to Tanzania?

As a starting point, it is in the periods:

  • December to March
  • June to October

This way you avoid the two rainy seasons in late spring and the small one in November.

Should we choose South Africa, Tanzania or Kenya?

All three are Tourist classics, so you get a phenomenal experience, regardless of your choice. However, each country has its own characteristics, so it also depends on your own preferences. We most often recommend Tanzania due to the extremely high animal intensity and the beautiful natural phenomena such as the Ngorongoro crater and not least the world’s perhaps best safari area, namely Serengeti’s mighty savannah, which is overall the size of Denmark.

Do you get your own jeep?

We drive in jeeps, where everyone is guaranteed window space and where there is a maximum of seven in each car. If you travel four people (or more) together, we guarantee a private safari jeep.

Are you applying for a visa from home or at your destination?

Visas are issued on normal tourist trips at the airport or on arrival at the border. Please note that the passport must be valid for a minimum of six months after the return date.

How many can be in a tent?

The safari tents are large (probably around 40m2) and usually function as a “double room”, where there are two sleeping places as well as a toilet and shower. It is the very best way to experience the savannah.

Which airline do you fly with?

It depends a lot on the season and the travel period, but typical examples of airlines could be KLM and Qatar.

Is there malaria in Tanzania?

Malaria has potentially been seen below 1,000 meters altitude. Therefore, after consulting your doctor, consider having malaria prophylaxis with a vaccine against Malaria.

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