Victoria Beckham: 12 Years as Champion of The Style World (1996-2008)

Victoria Beckham: Hated, envied, copied and wife of one of the most handsome men of planet. This could be one of the definitions that accompany this incredible and avid business woman. Adored by the most prestigious designers and with a multi-million dollar friendships, “Beckham” as it is called colloquially not indifferent to any man on the planet, and for supuestísimo no woman.

This “spectacular” Fashion Diva, It did not initially very select, although since 1996, who rose to fame with the legendary band Spice Girls, has managed to forge one of the women with more style and good taste around the world. I guess that’s why of you much@s you hate it and idolatráis it in equal parts.

Impossible styling and extreme elegance and garments that do not fall of 4 figures are their indispensable in every day. 12 years of outfits they have done that the fashion change, of hairstyles that have become genuine “must have” season after season, covers of magazines, advertising campaigns… And all this in the hands of a single woman VICTORIA BECKHAM.

Join me in the path of the looks that have marked a before and an after in your life (and many women) have made it what it is today. The stylish woman more sexy of all planet Earth.

Year 1996: It was a tough year for the world of fashion and a picture is worth a thousand words. Impossible platforms combined with leopards, pacifiers and very spicy. A world which at that time was quite unknown to me, although I saw that this English classic hair and serious look despuntaría on stage, not for his voice, but for their future outfits.

Year 1998: The accounts of these five girls were beginning to not give enough with the amount of money that they had. And we know, as all “new rich” self-respecting, eccentricities, the new and famous friends, clothes and not less than 3-digit price supplements began to occupy their wardrobes and let us glimpse an elegance and taste for fashion yet to chisel.

Year 2000: Already converted a star worldwide, about to get married with the footballer David Beckham and already belonging to the upper social echelons, a refined Victoria Beckham starring covers of magazines, numerous reports and began to create that trend clothing and their hair cut (copied by half planet), not to mention your most valuable product, your marriage, He was taking off slowly and gave them already by then, as one of the most solid marriages and most stylish on the international scene.

Year 2001: That year was chosen for the return of a multimillion-dollar group with only two albums. A retorono failed, although very expected and which showed 4 women with lots of money and consolidated as four of England’s largest fortunes. By then, victory, new tits, two children and a husband who got more goals in advertising than in the field, was already a fashion icon. Dsquared2, a collection dedicated to David, its festivals and eccentricities (anniversary gifts, whims…) were appointed in all the headwaters of the planet. His taste for fashion, despite the photo, began to see in their daily lives. A delicacy to the dress that it has differentiated it from many English (characterized by being quite lousy combining) and with a perfect companion, her husband.

Year 2003-2005: They were the years of boom and changes. The family is established as one of the great pillars of the fashion trends. Everything you touch, take or likes the Beckham becomes the product of the season and turn in the most influential marriage of the fashion world. A combination of perfect garments which is always accompanied by one of the wishes of half the world. Handsome, millionaires and stylish. Irresistible, right?

Years 2005-2007: His Spanish era is marked by the fiercest criticism and social exclusion. But give them equal. The covers of the most important magazines raffle them is, as designers important and in international social circles are the most searched. A few hard years for her, that his style is challenged, the fidelity of her husband falters While flight and flight gets hate our country.

During these years, her beautiful brown hair makes shake the foundations of the gossip world. Their “must have” they are the t-shirts, the Bell-Bottoms, high heels and impossible accessories.

Media that leaves a real star day Yes, day also our country to relate, dressing and behaving like a diva. To who want to be friends with Arancha de Benito and Mamen Sanz? A few years where he launches his first book on the style when it comes to dressing, which makes it a perfect teacher for the fashionistas.

Year 2007 – until today: To say these years to not know. They are the most desired marriage. His fortune is millions and millions every day. It is all a goddess style. He is a God of the ball and an advertising product of the most profitable in the world.

Documentaries dedicated to them, a television program by cable to tell us about their arrival in the United States, a fashion brand “DVB”, a new and expanded edition of his book of style, advertising contracts everywhere, the magazine covers most chic of the planet,

appearances on series television, inspiring designers and friends of flower and cream world. Is not bad to be the product created by a single person right? If friends, even if it hurts. Victoria Beckham is the only creator of an inimitable style when it comes to dressing and if 50% of a product that thousands of people imitate. David is only an inglesito handsome that have been left to carry the thinking head. Just missing you all give account of the truth of these words.