White with Cowboy, The Best Flavor of “Ice Cream” to Succeed in Style This Summer

There are flavors that we move directly to a particular station, as it occurs with the gastronomy in fashion There are shades that work well in one month or other. White with the classic cowboy blends together formidable but makes it even better with tanned skin and we like the style casual both in Summer.

For get a good look No complicated too, will just have to look a garment woven cowboy with the classic color, without too many washes, and preferably with a particular touch. We have another even easier if possible, White and any tissue but if you prefer cultural activities for teaching shoulder the success will be even greater.

A very simple combination but really perfect tanned skin that we usually have in the summer. If we complete it over with a piece of simple gold jewelry and a few leather accessories we will have a unique look for any day of our summer.